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Raw chat thread

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Feeding raw? Have questions about feeding raw? Have some good resources and/or links for feeding raw? Chat about them here with others who feed raw!
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My parents feed raw for the most part. Luckily my dad is a chef so when he goes to clean the meat and prep it for the dinner that night he takes the scraps and puts it in the "Lunch pail" whats the best is the other men that work there do the same when they prep the meat the do the same for my dad to take to Sally. She is so spoiled.
Score!!!! 165 pounds of raw @ $65.00 what's that like $0.40 a pound. You can save the applause, I'll graciously accept monetary compensation for my prowess as a price conscience shopper. Oh yea no coupons either!
What kind of meat?
1 - 2 of 168 Posts
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