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Raw chat thread

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Feeding raw? Have questions about feeding raw? Have some good resources and/or links for feeding raw? Chat about them here with others who feed raw!
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I am seriously thinking of switching,

We had kind of an incident today (although probably not kibble related) but horse got really sick (vomiting) and we had to go to the vet for subQ fluids and injections of medication. We think he either got into something or it was the new chews that I gave him yesterday... "veggie chews"

Horse has caught a few baby rabbits (and eaten them whole) over the past month, and I know I can get fresh whole rabbit from a local farmers market.

Problem is I have a thing with touching raw meat, I don't like it. But I think I am going to have to get over it and finally make the switch.

So if my reading has done me well we are talking about a 1/1/8/ ratio of organ/bone/muscle.

Best source of organ is liver.

If stool is soft increase bone if stool is powdery increase muscle and tailor feeding to dogs body condition.

Nothing too small or too large (ie chicken wings or weight bearing beef bones)

And switch them over after a 12 hour fast (for puppies) and don't turn back or switch between raw and kibble....

right lol?
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Thanks I was already at the store and picked up a bunch of chicken pieces, so we start tomorrow :)

That's great I can feed it frozen (never thought of that lol)
Well we started 3 days ago and I am glad we did, he looks better already and energy is up for sure.

Just bone in chicken for now and seems to be ok, me on the other hand watching him pretty much crunch twice and then swallow the bones has me cringing but I know its ok, I just have to get used to it.

The bugger keeps catching wild animals in the back yard, yesterday he caught another (the third one this summer) baby rabbit and then a mouse and of course ate them both and puked up the mouse bones/fur last night... it was nasty.

Horse is very lean, always has been, when I was feeding kibble I always overfed a little because he was so lean/active, but according to the charts I should be feeding 1.2 pounds per day (if I estimate his adult weight at 60 pounds) should I up that a little now or just leave it as he is just starting out?

BTW his poops have been fine, he has only vomited the mouse and I am glad he did lol.
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I have noticed a huge difference with Horse on the RMB diet, eye goo is gone, hair is shinny, energy is up and he has gained some weight (which is a good thing for him). So far I am really happy with it.

We have been just bone in chicken for about a week and a half, our trainer provides ground organ meat and tripe so I added a little of that to his food this afternoon.
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