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It's been awhile since this thread has had any action, but I have a raw question!
Do any of you (if anyone out there still does raw) use a meat grinder or blender on your meat?
In my head grinding up some stuff seems appropriate (especially for my 8lbs girlie who struggles with chicken wings even.. lol), and it seems like making some organ/meaty mix would be wayyyy easier than chopping up giant cow pancreas into manageable sections (probably not, but in my head...lol).

The Weston's would be amazing but at $500 ++ they are out of my price range. Manuals are WAY cheaper, but can they process the same things?
This was suggested: Ninja Master Prep Pro - Blenders, Juicers & Mixers QB1005
I was told it could even handle bone, so I'm considering it.
Anywho, if anyone has any suggestions for grinders, or processors that could handle bone (not anything bigger than chicken really) I'm all ears.
1 - 1 of 168 Posts
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