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Raw diet........

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I am totally new to the raw diet idea. When I do a search, i keep encountering the quote "Raw diet`the cure for the k9 to almost anything" and am considering giving it a try with my Daizy as a last resort. It will benefit my other dogs as well, Dixie has had a skin condition since she had the puppies that never existed beforehand. The vet says her body changed, just as a womans. Gary has had allergies all his life to the point of self mutilation. So I think it may benefit all of us.

I have been reading posts here about the raw diet. I have a question...................The meat such as pork, hamburger, chicken......all completly raw, right??No cooking??Or yes cooking? The bones, blended and smoothed or whole to chomp up?

Im having trouble understanding the whole raw diet concept, so if you guys can help me, Id really appreciate it. This is my last resort for Daizy. And the only reason I am trying it or even considering it is because a few weeks ago we started to crate train the pups. I used cheerios as a pursuading tool, and she seems to walk better since. Dont know if the cheerios have a nutrional supplement she may be lacking or what, buthonestly, she got ALITTLE better.

I have done more research on the disease they think she has, and found a video. The dog in the video does not resemble Daizy. Much more severe and alittle different coordination, so Im at the point I will try anything.

How long after you switch to raw food until you notice a difference??

There are 7 dogs in my house. I feed them seperatly in cages, so the bone chewing thing and such shouldnt be a problem if I adjust them to size, because if I give my dogs meatly bones to eat, I got 2 that will swallow them, 2 that will guard them and the puppies who will take their time. I dont want to develop a greediness amongst them. They are all fine with kibble, but you puit meat in front of them and they change!

Please gimmie some advice.
Thanks, Stef
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You feed raw meats, raw meaty bones (the most important part), a small portion of veggies and fruits, fish, and other additional nutritional foods such as egg yolks, offal, cottage cheese/yoghurt, recreational bones, and vitamin supplements. There are certain raw meaty bones that are better than others. They are fed to the dogs whole and uncooked, and they easily crunch them up and swallow them. NOTHING is cooked. Cooked meats loose the important nutrients, and cooked bones can kill dogs because they splinter. Non-cooked bones do not splinter. I use mainly chicken wings to fulfil the raw meaty bone part of the diet because they have the best bone/marrow to fat/flesh ratio. I also mix it up with beef ribs, lamb ribs, etc. Again, there are certain foods you should avoid, and certain foods you should seek out. I cannot stress the books enough: anyone interested in the raw diet should buy a book on it. I recommend "The BARF diet" by Dr. Ian Billinghurst, or any of his books on the subject. They explain everything and are readable in a couple of hours.
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I've been researching the raw diet a bit myself lately. It seems pretty great. I stumbled across this group, there's tons of great info on it. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rawfeeding/
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