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Speaking of Razors Edge kennels:

I think I'm going to their show in October that they're helping to organize. It's going to be the largest American Bulldog and Bully show ever

Here is a crosspost from the man himself... he asked for a link to the board so we should be able to hear dirrectly from him incase anyone had any questions about the show for him...


I have heard alot of positive response for this VA Convention
Thank you all for this

I have also heard a few negative remarks

Let me explain the point of this event

I have been to many events like this from Coast to Coast. Some large scale mega events and some smaller BBQ's.
All of these were great and I was honored to attend them.
One thing I saw is that they don't draw in people outside our dog communities.
Some had almost 1000 people, some had under 50.
All of them catered to just our communities.
This is great for us, but I wanted to try and host an event that would bring in masses of people who aren't in our community.
I have been to car shows and brought a dog, the response was increadible. I had crowds of people surrounding me and my dog.
I go to PetsMart with one of my dogs and I get swarmed.
I have been to Hollywood and couldn't even walk down the street with Lil Ro without being swarmed by people.
I have been outside clubs and music events and got crowds around me and my dog.
My point is, people love our dogs, but haven't had the opportuniy to see them and learn about them. The mass public pictures a game dog or an aggressive killer.
When people see my dogs, they go crazy and fall in love with them.
I have placed more dogs in my life time with people who didn't know about the breed. Alot of breeders sell to other breeders and so on.
That hasn't been my personal experience, I have placed dogs with so many different types of people, who weren't previously "Pit" owners.
Anyway, I realized that if we could have an event that would draw in people, the dogs would wind up shining in a positive new light!
I realized that there was another way to get heavy promotion in a positive way and counter attack the negative media exposure.

This event is for that purpose!
If you purchase a booth, you will be spotlighted.
I will personally interview you and have you on camera.
Long before people get to see the music acts or cars, they will have to come and see you and your dogs!

I am targeting 4000 people who might really like our dogs.
I am targeting celebrities.
I am bringing the people to see us all.
If you got a dog, a line, a purpose, anything, you got a spot to put it out there in a big way.

The booths are a little expensive, but this event is a mega event.
It is advertised on known radio and TV stations, in major magazines, etc..,

I will give an example of the costs

Expo Center $26,000
(includes police, security, set up, trash removal, parking lot attendants, ticket sales staff, event coordinators, etc...)

Paul Wall, Gloria Valez, Hoops, and Buffy.
( performance fees, flights, rooms, transportation, food, accomodations, etc...)


(so far)

Other artists accomodations

That is just some of the expenses, and there are way more than just those.

If you don't believe me, research and check it out

My point is to show that this isn't about making money, it's way more spending.

The idea was to get the people there to see us all!

Once they are inside, we have thier attention.
We can show them our breed.
We can teach them about BSL's.
We have a huge audience at our feet!
So use this to help the breed!
Use it to promote what your doing!
Enjoy the fact that someone has done this, and you can use it to promote what you want.

$250 for a booth isn't much for that kind of promotion.
I will also customize any booth you need.
If you have more than 2 people and 4 dogs, get with me ASAP and I will work it out for you.
If you have less than that, get with me and we can get you in with someone else.
For an event of this size, the rules have to be tight for safety. We HAVE to make sure we get 100% positive promotion. We cannot afford any incident for the breeds sake.
So you have to be in a booth with dogs.
All the booths will have private entrees and exits. They will have private walkways to the show rings.
We are completely seperated from the public.
It is easy, organized, and safe!
We even have a free staff on hand to help you with your dogs and clean up!
We want everyone to come and everyone to work together to promote the breed.
We especially want other lines and people from other areas.
This is a huge opportunity to show off on the East Coast, and to a new crowd.
Take advantage of it!

Email me and I will personally organize your booth and your promotion.

[email protected]

Thank you all for the support

(help me keep this at the top, time is running out, thank you)

Feel free to copy this and use it anywhere
Thank you

Here is a link to the show website....

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