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I have an 8mo old Am Bulldog that had a horrible allergic reation last night. He looked like he was getting a hive....then 1 hour later his whole body swelled up! His left eye looked like it was popping out, and he had huge raised welts (but not red, and not itchy) all over his body. We rushed him to the vet. They injected him with steroids and fluids. Brought him home, he looked better-but not perfect. Then this morning I let him out at 5am, and under the street light saw a MASSIVE amount of welts again...and both eyes were starting to swell--with TONS of itching. Called the emergency vet who advised to give Benedryl, and one of the steroid pills our regular vet had prescribed. Anyway, he was much better after about an hour, but still lumpy. We've neved owned a bulldog before, but it seems they try to eat absolutely EVERYTHING. We have no idea what happened.

Sorry for the novel. Does anyone have a similar experience? He also broke his toe last week, and is in a soft cast. Again, no clue how he broke it. He just started limping. :(

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