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Re: Recently found a bulldog, emanaciated, need to put weigh

georgiadaisy said:
Hello, I am new to the forum but thought that you might could help me. I do dog rescues, usually chihuahuas, but have done shelties, beagles, etc. Friday night, I guess, someone put out a bulldog (boxer I think from looking at pictures). He is in bad shape. Emanciapted, skin and bones. Was not able to eat hard dog food--only canned food. His "snout" appears crooked like it may have been broken at some time. (Maybe recently and that is why he cannot eat hard food) I am going to nurse him back to health but would appreciate anyone's input on putting weight back on him quickly. I am currently giving him vitamin and mineral supplements but still would appreciate ALL input. He does not seem to be aggressive at all. Even in his starving condition, I can talk to him, touch him, move his bowl, etc. while he is eating. He didn't even chase the cats and moved for them to eat. Could anyone tell me how his temprament will be? Right now, I am excited to see what he will turn out like. I was wondering if maybe he would be a good dog to start running with me? I will be happy to email pictures to someone a lot more educated on the bulldog breeds to see if I am correct with my assumption that he is a boxer. Any input IS appreciated. He also will be going to the vet soon to be nuetered, but I really want to put some weight on him first. One more thing, he appears to have some arthritis in his hips at this time. I was wondering if anyone has information on anything else as a supplement for this? Thanks for reading and thanks for your input and time!!! :lol:
Welcome! Can you post some pictures of him to the board?

I don't know what would put weight on him quickly, other than continued feeding of him. Give him some ground beef and rice, that's always a favorite.
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