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recommened age for spay

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You know, I thought I read this previously on this board but I can't find it and I don't remembe what was said. Is there a recommended age to get my girl, Layla, spayed????
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My vet said between 4-6 mos, but they are doing pediatric spays now, so really any time is good. As long as they're not in the middle of a heat.
You must spay before 2 for the pros of spaying to mean anything. If you do after that then they can get the same health problems that they could get if they werent spayed should always do before 2 before the first heat
I have always had my dogs spayed at 3mo. as long as your pup is healthy. Havent had any problems so far and i have 6 females.Ages range from 3yrs to 11 yrs. now.
4-6 months is generally the average I think. Check out the sticky at the top of this section titled Vaccinations Guidelines, Dog Illnesses etc.
Abby was spayed at 3 months. Most SPCAs will spay puppies at 3 months.
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