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Very nice! I love bullmastiffs. I think I will get one someday when my nest is empty.
They sure do fill nests!! :D We don't have any children, so we thought a nice big , succulent Bullmastiff, and a Juicy Britishblue cat would suffice, and it has. They absolutely love eachother and give us plenty!! :D Also, the entertainment is non stop! :lol:
Thanks fawn coffee, your name makes me want to go and grind coffee beans and make a nice cup of coffee, though it's not practical right now at 23.37pm in UK.
Heh...Reginald does have an 'upper crust' look to him!...
Good looking dog!!!! My exboyfriend had a bullmastiff that loved to hug women! He took me down a couple of times he outweighs me by 50-60lbs! lol :lol:
Thanks for your kind words! And yes, he is a big guy, I weigh 52 kg and he weighs just under 70 kg. He comes from a litter of 12, and he was the biggest and last to be born, practically the double size of his bros and sis! :shock:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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