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Repeated posts - search function

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Hey, i have just been onto i think its training and obedience, and i have seen posts doubled up about crate training, walking probs etc, i think people need to be reminded to use the search function on the board, so posts arent repeated and people dont get bored of replying to the same old thing.
And seeing as the site is still realtivley new, even to search down the bored before posting another very similer/same post, could save space and peoples time and keep the bored active and fun.
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=D> well said
Thankyou Alphamale 8)
Nice to know things dont go un-appriciated :wink:
I mentioned this to root, as did one of the other moderators. It's now listed in the rules to search before you post. However, there is no guarantee people actually read the rules.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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