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revolution vs...?

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when we moved from bc back to new york, i made sure to stock up on revolution (flea/tick) for luna cause i wasn't sure if we'd be able to find it here in the states for her. she's had skin issues before - perhaps related to food, but one can never really be sure.
now i've run out of the revolution, we're going to the country tonight, and all i can find is frontline.
anyone know if using the frontline might affect her skin? anyone had experience with this? we've never switched it up before, so i'm a little gunshy.
thanks in advance!
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When is she due for another treatment? You can get it online.


There... among hundreds of other online stores.
Oh.. didn't answer your question.

Every dog is different, and I stay away from the topical stuff myself. I hate the greasy spot. I would say that if your dog has no history of skin allergies or irritation, then Frontline shouldn't cause trouble.
My Greyhound would get "depressed" for about 3 days after I applied Frontline. Now I use Advantix and he has no problems. My friend's cat also had a nasty allergic reaction to Frontline and ended up opening her neck up completely and it took over a year to fully close. My sister also has allergic reactions to Frontline, sent her to the emergency room once.

But on the other hand we have used Frontline on my cat for almost her whole life (she's 18 ) and we've never had a problem. Personally I prefer the Advantix.
where in ny did you move to? cause if there has been at least 3 nights of freeze.... you don't need to worry about that stuff until spring again
funny! i guess when i say "country" you should take it very liberally - we coming from brooklyn and going up to the hudson valley - so anything with more than two trees on the block equals country to us!
i think ticks are still an issue up there...those little buggers. so maybe i'll try for the advantix instead.
I have used Frontline and Frontline plus for years with no issues....multiple dogs covered (boarding dogs, rescues, etc.) and no issues at all. Granted, every dog is different, and you won't know until you try, but I have had no issues with it.

As has been mentioned, many online places to order from. I recommend the following:

Jeffer's Pet
Valley Vet Supply
Revival Animal Health
Dr's Foster & Smith

All link to these can be found on the links page of my website.
I am a firm believer in Frontline because it kills them all! Revolution doesn't kill those nasty parasites that you catch from stepping in a pile of poo. I love it!
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