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Hello everyone,

Every once in a while, a dog will come into our lives and remind us what dogs and training really mean to us. That particular dog will make us forget about trials, the differences of opinions about which sport is better, BSL and all the other personal and political B.S. that can and does follow dogs and dog training. This post is about one of “those” dogs!

“Blitz” a Presa Canario was given to us as an “un trainable” dog. He had bitten a few people in the city of Boston and was brought to us with the label “problem dog”. He was (at that time) 6 years old. We were told that if we didn’t take him he would be put to sleep. So sight unseen, we told the folks in Boston that we would take him.

Chris did some very basic obedience work with him and placed him with our long time friend Richianne Smith. She fell in love with Blitz right away. Richi’s boyfriend, well that was a different story! He didn’t want a big vicious dog in the house! After a while everyone got a long and Richi came to Chris to tell him she wanted to do Personal Protection with Blitz.

Chris always talks about Richi and Blitz at the Dog Sports Open a few years back when in the defense of handler exercise, Richi was attacked and Blitz didn’t come to her aid because he had found a bit of goat poo in the ground and just had to have it! Richi was in tears when she came off the field! She was sure that Blitz would protect her! That is the great thing about Blitz. He keeps Richi humble! That was the first trial Richi and Blitz entered. She trained harder and came back to trials again and again. Getting a little better each time. That’s what we love about Blitz and Richi! The always remind us that training isn’t a race, it’s an experience! As long as your training continues to move forward and both dog and handler are trying, you will get there!

5 years have passed and many long hours of training, trailing and bonding ago! Everyone that meets Blitz falls in love with him. He isn’t the “problem or un trainable” dog that he was when he came here. He is one of our favorite dogs ever!

In the past few years Blitz has really started to slow down. Back in the day, he would routinely BURY decoys! In fact he is the dog on our Maine Association of Dogsports logo that is planting the decoy into the ground (see pics below). He was never the best at anything. He did however always try! He wasn’t the fastest, the toughest or the biggest. He is just Blitz. To us, Blitz is want dogs and training is all about.

Blitz is getting ready to retire and we made this video for Richi and her family. I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoy Blitz.


Take care,
The Fraize Family

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