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right time for a pup?

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Curious, in which time of the year to get a pup, or in which heat cycle? Or does it even matter? :scratch:
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I guess it depends where you live and what the seasons are like. I really liked getting my pup Bella in May when the weather was nice. We had all summer to housebreak her, and we didn't have to worry about standing outside with her in the snow while she did her business! By the time winter came, she was completely housebroken, and we could just let her outside without standing out there with her.
I don't thinks it matters much, although having them potty trained in the winter is nice :wink:
Lol, I live on an island - it's hot here all year round. What i'm wondering about is a few
things I heard on getting a pup when the female goes in heat. Saying she goes into
heat 2x a year. I've heard its best to get a pup when she's in her second heat. Is this true,
or not?
Ah, ok. I totally misunderstood you! Responsible breeders would never breed a female younger than 2 years old that hasn't been thoroughly health tested for genetic defects. I would run far away from a breeder who is breeding a bitch on her first or second heat!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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