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On October 15th, we finally let our dear Maggie go. Maggie was a 7 year old Catahoula. We got her when she was 6 months old a few months before we got engaged. She was with us when I was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer (including providing a strong chest for my husband to cry on when I was in the hospital, and a sturdy foot rest when I came home from surgery). She was with us when we bought and moved into a house with a big backyard, and she became good buddies with our newest member Sasha (bully).
3 months ago she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. We spent so much time learning about the disease and finding all sorts of things to helpd extend her life. But ultimately, she got worse and worse until her poor little head was sunken in and she couldn't contain her bowels. Our wonderful (should be sainted) vet met us at the clinic on a Sunday and helped her to pass, while laying in the sun with her head in my lap, gazing at my husband.
Dear sweet Maggie - thank you for all you brought to our lives, to the comfort you offered, and to the love you taught us.

Maggie on Hilton Head beach in 2005

Maggie at Hilton Head, 2006 in the yard

And finally - our family portrait, also in Hilton Head, 2006

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