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RIP Maggie

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Yesterday Maggie passed away :cry:

I was out of town but my friend/roomate Spencer was watching her and the other dogs.
He fed her at night and in the morning he found her very bloated and before he could get her to the vet she passed away

I'm so mad at myself for not being there for her, I was still 5 hours from home when he called me.

14 years of no health problems except mange and she dies of bloat....doesnt seem fair

RIP my sweet old maggers
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i am so sorry to hear that :cry: it is especially hard when you can't be by their side . try and remember all the good times, she had a great life
That is hard. I would hate not to be there for any of my dogs, too.
I am glad, though, that she did get to live a nice long life with you.
:cry: I am soooo sorry!
I can sympathize with you...I felt so guilty for not being home with my
sheepie when she passed...i was also about 5 hours away from home when she died. It is hard not to be with them to give them comfort.

She had a great full life...and to have no health problems is a blessing
in itself!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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