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Roughin It With Mo.......Lotta Pics!

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Here's the pics of our weekend at the Line Camp Cabin at Rock Eddy Bluff.
This particular cabin has no running water or electricity, but there is a nice wood burning stove.
The cabin is nicely secluded in the forest.

It was pretty gloomy and cold, but we got some good pics anyway.

4 Wheelin

The Cabin

Running for the outhouse....I am not gonna make it! :shock:

Peein in the pool.

We are guessing these are eagle tracks. The print is much bigger than Mo's.
There is a bald eagle nest just down river. We didn't see them this trip though.

Somebody learned to dig on this trip.

He sniffed around so much his mouth got red and inflamed. :roll:

Conked out!

We got some funny videos of Mo too, but I have not uploaded them yet.
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What a nice place to camp where is it? And off course I just love Mo to death more pics please
primative can be a good thing

keeps you active. Our last hurricane here was primative LOL no water we use to have wells. no electric for over a week. thank god it was warm. But we had fun cooking on grill bottles water etc. It's been awhile too we are due for another one. and i especailly liked the TV out everyone had to learn how to do things without it LOl it was great.

So far we haven't had any casualities with them , we get plenty of warning but we refuse to leave anyway because we won't leave the dogs behind and they don't let you take em. The biggest damage we usually get here is the winds. we are not that close to the water we are out of the flood zone its the downed trees and wires you need to watch out for mostly. Since the few we have had we now have a generater and town water LOL. We are use to them part of life here.
Town water

Most the places here have wells a few have town water it goes threw a pumping stations instead of a well to you house.
And the shelters they set up won't let you bring your animals. although we get plenty of warning a lot of the times they close the bridges here down there are only 2 ways off this cape by bridge when they close em you can't leave the cape to go anywhere so the onlly other alternative is the shelters they set up no pets allowed you have to leave em home and I refuse to do that.
Our hurricanes so far have been mild anyway , roof damage etc most damage they get is on the islands and the coast line here
we are on the main land
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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