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Roughin It With Mo.......Lotta Pics!

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Here's the pics of our weekend at the Line Camp Cabin at Rock Eddy Bluff.
This particular cabin has no running water or electricity, but there is a nice wood burning stove.
The cabin is nicely secluded in the forest.

It was pretty gloomy and cold, but we got some good pics anyway.

4 Wheelin

The Cabin

Running for the outhouse....I am not gonna make it! :shock:

Peein in the pool.

We are guessing these are eagle tracks. The print is much bigger than Mo's.
There is a bald eagle nest just down river. We didn't see them this trip though.

Somebody learned to dig on this trip.

He sniffed around so much his mouth got red and inflamed. :roll:

Conked out!

We got some funny videos of Mo too, but I have not uploaded them yet.
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them are some awsome pics we can never get enough of mo
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