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Satchmo pics!

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Been away for a while, whats the haps? Jeez! There is no way to keep up with this forum if you miss a week or so.

I have a million new pics of Mo, but still cant upload them onto my computer. I got a card reader coming from Amazon which should work, and the new computer and NEW CAMERA are gonna be on the way soon.

In the mean time my girlfriend uploaded a couple of recent ones we took. We took in a stray pit bull for a day, until we tracked down the owner (which was a big dissapointment). She was very sweet, but quite the attention hog and a ball of energy! Mo's head was spinning all day.

Hope all has been well for everyone!

Mo would kill me if I told you this was his favorite toy, and the only one he will not destroy. He loves his piggy. :)



Our Stray for a Day Coco

In the bottom corner weighing in at 75 lbs.........

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!

AKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I'M THE MAN! I'M THE MAN!

Stealing Mo's bed...and falling out of it!
(Also, its proof that Bigfoot does exist, and he wears sandles and is a bad duster)

Stealing Mo's spot on the couch. Can't steal the Mo pout though!
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He is so pretty! I love the pic with the pink toy!
He is beautiful!!!
OMG, I was just thinking of you & Mo today! Glad to hear all is well. What was the other dog's owner like? Disappointing because you had to give her back, or was the owner a loser?

GREAT pics!! I missed Momer. That pout is too much! :love5:
Thanks all!

The owners were losers. She obviously had puppies recently, and beleive me, they are in no position to be breeding. I had a feeling it would be like that. Before we found the owner we thought of taking her to the Humane Society to wait for her owner there. They would require her to be spayed before release, but we feared that if she was spayed they would not want her back and she would be put down. So we tracked them down. At least she was not abused (as far as we could tell) and was up to date on vaccs.

On the positive side, Mo was very tolerant of her, he shared his space well and was an all around gentleman. :)
Awww, how sad. :( Well I hope she's at least well taken care of. I wish it was mandatory to alter all dogs when you license them.

She had a good day with Mo at least. They played for hours!
SATCHMO! He takes the best pictures. I'd frame the first one. Are you sure your stray was a female? J/K. She's a pretty girl. I bet Mo loved having a friend over for a while.
Wow! I was beginning to get withdrawls from not seeing Mo!!! Thank goodness you showed up with pics just in time! :D

Mo looks handsome as ever. what a good boy to be so welcoming to your houseguest.
The "PLEASE!" pictures are killing me!! I totally have a doggy crush on Mo!
Thanks guys!

Beetle said:
Are you sure your stray was a female?
LOL, poor Mo. :oops: Yeah, he loved having her there except for that humping part. :shock:

Glad to hear Chopper is better Kasco.
I lOVED those pics! He's such a handsome boy and VERY photogenic! The humping pic was hilarious...sorry Satchmo, but I laughed and laughed! He has the best pout :D
Glad to see you and Mo back! I was thinking of you guys the other day!
It looks like they got along great! I just love that first pic of Mo with the pig, lol!! How cute!
LMAO, I absolutely love the pout pictures!!!!
He is such a character and so handsome :)
Thanks everyone! I've missed the forum.

mom to many said:
I lOVED those pics! He's such a handsome boy and VERY photogenic! The humping pic was hilarious...sorry Satchmo, but I laughed and laughed! He has the best pout :D
LOL! It got worse! He really wasn't submissive with her as much as he was very tolerant. However she was a very dominant dog, stealing his stuff, stealing his spot, stealing my affection. She was relentless. Mo never lets his play buddy Sam hump him, they both take turns trying but no one seems to win. With her I think he just gave up. :oops:

Man would he be mad if he knew this was on the www. :p
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