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Satin balls

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10 pounds hamburger meat (the cheapest, fattiest kind)
1 lg. box of Total Cereal (or comparable natural brand)
1 lg. box Oatmeal
1 jar of Wheat Germ
1 1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 1/4 cup of unsulfured molasses
10 raw eggs
10 envelopes of unflavored gelatin
pinch of salt

*you can also add garlic to taste*

*** Mix all ingredients together, much like you would a meatloaf.
Divide into 10 quart freezer bags and freeze. Thaw as needed.***

Be warned your dogs will gain weight quick so serve in small portions.
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why use vegtable oil dogs wouldnt be able to digest it properly it'd be better for the dog to use beef dripping
It sounds like a yummy snack for Tora
vodka6483 said:
why use vegtable oil dogs wouldnt be able to digest it properly it'd be better for the dog to use beef dripping
I dunno, I got the ingredients from these guys and their dogs look like this
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redbull said:
lol I thought I read Satan's balls :lol:
what would be a suitable replacement for the vegetable oil??
Salmon oil or flax seed oil would be amazing nutrionally, but cost wise - will be a bit more to go that route. I would do a bit of research into those two oils first as well to see how dogs digest them in their pure form, but by theory they contain high amounts of omega-fatty acids so I can see it being extremely beneficial to a dog.
I think a cheaper route than the fish or flaxseed oil would be cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. It is great for their coat and most dogs love the taste. It needs to be cold pressed, cooked oils are bad for dogs. I've heard that vegetable oil is bad for dogs too but I could be wrong. I would be careful to make sure that Total cereal doesn't have wheat or corn in it if your dog is sensitive.
How about mixing creatine into this? I read somewhere that creatine is more readily used by canines? I know that you can't keep creatine wet for too long though..
thats exactly what i thought- i was also thinking whey powder either one would be great to the mixture imo
im gonna get a harness and some drag weights and im gonna make my own

A substitute for veg oil why NOT beef dripping as you know the dogs break down fats just as good as the way we break carbs down, so why not its there NATURAL nrg source
you could even add some glucosamine to the balls
That's the recipe I used when I was feeding them to Kaia. It's my understanding that they are designed to put weight on a dog fast. She didn't gain any weight on them, but she didn't continue to lose weight either. It cost me about $40 to buy those ingredients, and the batch lasted about 2 weeks, so I didn't make any more.

Kaia LOVED them, and for what it's worth - they make fantastic pill hiders! :D
OMG! that dog looks like he's on steroids! whats the website???
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