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Well not for sure but thats what the vet thinks...

The vet says dogs usually have allergies to the 3 F's... fleas, food, or fuzz. We know its not fleas she doesnt have fleas. He didnt think it was from her food because they usually have problems centered in certain locations of the body...which was not the location she was having problems with. So that left fuzz wich is basically dust, pollen, things like that. He asked us lots of question about her and when she flares up and what time and this and that. He asked where she sleeps and if she is allowed on furniture. Hr asked a ton of questions...which is good. He came to the conclusion that he believes she is allergic to human dander. He said it is very common in dogs just as common as allergies to pet dander in people. She sleeps in a bed next to our and he said thats not to good. The bedroom esp the bed is where the most concintrarion of human dander is. Sooo...she may be allergic to us. The visit was great though....she got a clean bill of health and vet said that besides the allergies shes looking great, shes very fit. She actually gained weight too...she has gained 3 lb since April...woohoo!

I thought the price was great too! She got all her shots (Rabies, Parvo, and others), she got a blood test done. She got an eye test done when they put die in it to make sure the ducts are not clogged. She got fecal sample. And she got medication (prednisolone) eye drops because her eyes were very swollen. And the total came to $114!!!!!!!! I was thinking close to $200 so I was very pleased.

We still need to go pick up some claritin for her...he said give her 1 a day for 5 days then off for a week. Then give for 5 days then off a week again...he said we should notice a great improvement!
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