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mom to many said:
Forgive my ignorance :oops: is that video representative of what Schutzhund is? Is Schutzhund basically exceptional obedience? Just curious. Rocket hasn't had any 'formal' OB training (we'll be starting soon though...he's going to be a therapy dog), but when we're doing OB (we do 2 sessions a day), he's VERY focused on me...and if I have his favorite toy or a treat in my hand, then he won't take his eyes off me. I kind of thought that's what basic OB was...but this video is apparently a more elevated level of OB? I'm confused :D Rocket is also able to completely focus on me when there are distractions as well. Several times a week, we do OB while my kids are running around playing and we also practice when we go places like PetSmart, etc. He always listens and responds, even if there isn't an immediate tangible reward...he just seems to like praise.

For an example...there's a fire station at the end of my street...on our walk recently, we were practicing heel and sit/stay at intervals along our walk, and during one of these times, the firetrucks came rolling out (we were about 2 houses down from them) lights and sirens going and Rocket never stopped looking at me. Granted, he's partially deaf :lol: but I KNOW he could hear those sirens (and see the firetrucks), yet, he never stopped watching ME. Is this unusual for a dog with no formal OB training?

Like I said, forgive my ignorance :D I'd like to know more about what Schutzhund is!
No, that video was just a clip of a guy practicing a reverse heel with his dog. That's not done in Schutzhund. That's great that your dog can focus on you like that. It's hard for most dogs, especially when there are distractions around that they REALLY REALLY want, like a decoy or a toy. How old is Rocket? You do have an advantage of him being partially deaf. :)
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