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Schutzhund training pic post for Tia

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Just a couple shots of her boy Boris.....

Here he is with his handler, Jeff..Tia's hubby.

Hope you guys like them. :D
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Oh theres my boy!!!! Thank you so much Lisa!!!!! i aprreciate it!!! :D
Very nice! Are he and Rosco related at all?
Boris is not related to Rosco , rosco is related to my bitch they are half brother and sister but Boris is out of Joshuas Sheba x Ostergaards Diablo
NICE pics Tia!!!! I love me some Boris!! He is sure starting to look like his daddy, I hope Koen turns out as nice as them, my hansome little man :wink:
Koen reminds me alot of Boris in their akward stage .... i will imagine he will be as handsome! i love Boris my fav dog ever! how is Koen?
Kasco said:
Very nice! Are he and Rosco related at all?
HAHA...I have had a few people ask me that! When Tia and Jeff brought Boris to my club my training director asked the same thing! I guess they do look similar.
Boris looks great!
He is doing really well. He is a great dog, couldn't as for a better temperment, good solid dog. He is the BIGGEST baby EVER, he is constantly trying to sit on your lap. We have to eventually put him in his crate when we have company cause he just WILL not leave them alone, HAHA. I don't like yelling or correcting him all the time for it, so I just put him away. He LOVES EVERYONE!!! He think he will be a little handler sensitive though, he is kind of a softy right now, not to sensitive though.
nice bite tia! alway had a soft spot for that boris guy too (for some reason he kinda reminds me of someone too :wink: )
I must say Boris does remind lots of people of different dogs... i gues he just sticks out.. Which is a good thing. He is a special guy.

Meghan......yeah boris was senstive at that age too, its like they were soo upset if they couldnt kiss you constantly... quite annoying :roll:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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