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Scrape bleeding

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Hello Everyone,

My AB, Champ jumped off a chair in the backyard and scraped his chin on the cement. He was bleeding. I went ahead and cleaned the area and the bleeding stopped but Ive notice that he leaves little blood stains when he lay downs and his chin touches the floor. Is this something I would go to the vet for? or will it heal. There is no gash, just a scrape. What are your suggestions?
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I'm sure he's probably fine...just a scrape. Keep babying him.
Well, when Atticus has his problem with his tail, we got some gauze, wrapped that with saran wrap and some pre-wrap, then taped it up. That way it was safe and it stopped him from chewing on it. Must supervise them, though. Then again, if it's on his chin, I doubt he'll be able to bite it off. Unless he's REEEEEEEALLLLLLLLY talented.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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