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Hey guys!

Just a quick question regarding this condition. Not sure if Bowser has it, but from what I've read, it sure sounds like Seasonal Flank Alopecia.

I've started to notice that Bowser is getting some significant thinning on his flanks. He doesn't have mange, is very healthy all around, and his skin looks great! There is no flaking of the skin, he's not itchy, and he's on a good food (DVP Salmon and Potato). I started to notice the hair loss the last time he had a good shed and I used the Furminator on him to get rid of all the undercoat. This was around the beginning of November when it started getting cold out.

I can now see his black skin underneath... looks to be just about where his kindeys are on in upper flanks.

Anyone else experienced this kind of hair loss with their bullies?


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I have no experience with anything like it. I hope for the best.

Other diseases present with very similar signs including:
1) Cushing’s disease (hyperadrenocorticism);
2) Hypothyroidism;
3) Estrogen or testosterone imbalances;
4) Stress-induced hair loss;
5) Post-clipping alopecia;
6) Color-mutant alopecia ( i.e. blue Dobermans, fawn Irish Setters, blue whippets, blue dachshunds);
7) Pituitary dwarfism;
8) Hypovitaminosis A;
9) Burn or freezing scars;
10) Mange;
11) Cutaneous fungal disease;
12) Dermatophytosis;
13) Injection reactions; or
14) psychogenic alopecia.

Therefore, it is essential that a veterinarian examines the dog before one believes his or her dog has seasonal flank alopecia. Most bilaterally symmetrical alopecias do need clinical management.

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My neices dog (apbt) had this condition. She lives in W.V..and had
really been complaining about having not seen the sun for weeks and maybe months last winter. Once the sun started shining and the dog was out of doors more it went away.
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