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Sharing pics of Chunk's Modeling...

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So 2 weeks ago I got a call from a company that want to see Chunk and take some photos. It is for a clothing companies new add campaign. They looked at over 100 photo's I was told and picked 5 American Bulldogs to look at. Hey and they where willing to pay. So I find out this week if they picked him. He was just shy of a year in pics. Here are some of those pics. Hope you guys enjoy!
Jr.Ch.Wildline's Chunky Lover of HDK

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What a doll..love the pictures
I love the one with the tie, and the one with the sweater tied aorund his neck is just adorable! What a great name-Chunk. :lol:
Those are great! what a good looking dog. :D
I would pick him. Look at how distinguished he looks in the last one. I wanna look like him! :)
Wow, he's stunning. I'd definitely pick him. :D
Thanks guys!

I hope he gets it too. I'll keep you posted.
He is definately very photogenic and poses well, which is important.
I would pick him, too.
wildline said:
This on is my fav..tooo cute..
great looker. my Sally had a white spot on her nose when she was a pup but it grew into her nose! we call it her white booger.
Thank you!!!

Chunk is my wife's baby!!! Here is a pic of her trying to get him to stack at a show. The second photo we were waiting to go into the ring so Chunk could work on a sleeve. And the last is I think with Lisa holding a ribbon of Chunk winning his class. He one Best Bully Male Pup in Show.

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He looked a lot like an Olde English in those pics. He doesn't in the newer pics though. He is a good lookin boy.
Erica said:
wildline said:
This on is my fav..tooo cute..
mine too!

Congratulations on the semi-finals!! keep us updated :D

Yeah he hated it I think. Putting all those funny cloths on him.
All well he got the Job!!!!! He is the New J.Press Clothing dog. The ad will run in the Wall Street Journal for 4 months.
I will post the pics when they come out.
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