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Should this behavior be corrected?

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I honestly thought that he would grow out of it but it really hasn’t let up much at all. We’ve had him for almost a year. Stymie is possibly the happiest dog I have ever met. And when he’s happy he jumps. He doesn’t necessarily jump on people, we’ve gotten him to stop that for the most part (he somehow knows who will let him jump on them and jumps right into their arms), but he just jumps for joy! For example, when I get his collar out he will do sort of a flip, about 4 feet into the air and then immediately sits. Once the collar is on, he does another flip, and then sits waiting patiently for me to get his leash. When I get his food, he jumps all the way through the house until we get to his crate, and then will sit until I tell him it’s okay to eat.

I have a really hard time correcting him for being happy. He is now about 1 ½ years old, will he grow out of this or should it be corrected?
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I think he is fine! I had to LOL because im imagning him jumping and flipping LOL
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