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Where would I go to see to watch ringsports, protection training all of that? It's very interesting to me. I would love to go to a show. I've only been to a demostration type of thing. I don't want to become part of a club or anything Legend nor Gemyni will NOT be doing any of it(not that I don't think Legend couldnt do. But I just don't want my dogs PP trained) Legend has enough activities as it is! lol. I've been on the leerburg site and looked around but havent seen anything posted about shows or anything.
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If you are looking for working events check out WABA site for BSTs and check out the DVG site for shcutzhund trials and/or seminars. You can watch and learn so much talking to people there and with trainers! good luck!! once you see it, you will be hooked! :p
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