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After seeing a couple of videos of some of these working dogs, I was very impressed with the obedience aspect of it. Not sure if this is a stupid question, can you have your dog only trained in the obedience part and pass on the attack or is it an intergrated system etc..... Also what exactly goes into this type of training, I don't think my puppy's petsmart basic obedience class is going to get me the same results. So far so good for the basics, but like in some of the videos, when I tell my dog to come, I want it to come no matter what and come a running to me. I have no clue or knowledge how you trainers do this, is there different schools of though ie. positive reinforcement, definetly don't want my dog harmed or hit in any way, is it done by e-collars?? any infromation will be appreciated.
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