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Seems like anymore I am either posting in the health or training sections!!!

Do pups get sick like kids do??Chocy was sick again Friday, diarrrea and the pukes. Dont know why......he didnt eat Friday or Saturday, and was totally tired and thirsty. I didnt recognize anything he had thrown up, or pooed out, and had kept a close eye on him as I usually do, so I know he didnt ingest anything horrible. His tummy made sooooooooooo much noise, I left the track twice to check on him and left early for the night to be with im.

Sunday, he was back to his old self. Just fine, ate, played, cold wet nose.

Do they just pick up bugs here and there as kids do???Maybe it is just him. It was strange. He has had his share of bad luck lately, between eating nasty food in abundance, and now this, and a knot from his shot, which has gone away now.............Poor kid!
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