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Sleeping arrangement

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How do ppl feel about dogs/pups sleeping in their bed?

Lincoln is 7 1/2months and we usually crate him, but last night he fell asleep in our bed and I just left him there. He was good as gold and we both enjoyed having him there with us.

My question is : Do people thinking letting a young pup sleeping with them might have a negative effect somehow?
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Atticus sleeps on our bed. He starts out on the floor, on his pillow, and around 3am he delicately comes up and lies between the two of us. He loves to be snuggled and cuddled with.
Bustersmommy said:
I dont allow the dogs up on our bed to sleep and they know the sofa is off limits
I get really bad sinus infections and keeping them off of were I sleep and sit helps a ton
They both have big soft doggy beds and they know that is were they are to sleep
Now Buster does sneak up on my bed when hubby goes to work in the morning and once I realize he is in bed with me
I make him get down.I like to keep my bed dog hair free un like the rest of my house :roll:

They do have an amazing way of sneaking their big old bodies up there, don't they? Very aloof for such a big dog.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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