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augrad said:
apbtgurl26 said:
Did I miss a post??? What happened to her leg??? :(
Bones climbed atop a wire crate and was walking around on the top. When I came in the room, she tried to jump down, but her leg slipped through the bars and she hung herself by her little leg and fractured her tibia.

She's doing okay. She moves around pretty well on that cast. Too well, evidently, because the vet got onto me for letting her run around and get her cast so dirty. :oops: They're not going to repeat the x-ray until the one-month period is over. There's no point putting her through that when we know it's not going to have healed yet. She's my little sidekick now. I can't put her in with her littermates because they chew her cast off, so she hangs out with me all day and sleeps in my room at night. Little Paws slept with me last night, too, since she was hurting from her spay yesterday, and her brothers and sisters were being rambunctious.

:D :D :D
aaawww...poor baby! Well I hope she heals up quickly!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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