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Sleepy Puppy

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Aaaww, She looks so tired. Very cute

awww...look at that baby harness!!
I miss having a puppy that slept all the time and
could fit in my lap!
Sweet girl!!!
Awwww....she's so cute...I miss having a puppy around the house too! I have mentioned a few times and hinted around getting another pup and two breeders that I want the pup from to my BF. So lets see if I get it! lol
...that's one adorable puppy!...
Awww - SOOOO cute!
Thanks all!

OrsonDogge said:
awww...look at that baby harness!!
That's actually my cats harness :lol: The kitty doesn't wear it unless we go to the vet - so I figured Annie could wear it too for a while! I bought her a new collar today though (bought one for her while we were up north, but I can't seem to find it now :? ) the harness was a PITA to try to get on her when she's being all wiggly :wink: and I didn't like the idea of leaving it on her all the time.
I just noticed that in the pic of her sprawled across my lap it looks like her collar has a bunch of "69"s on it :oops: It's really a cool retro paisley kind of pattern.
Oh my!!! Too cute! And I love her little pink harness! :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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