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Snapping over food

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Hi :)

I have a 16wk told AmStaff, who up until now, has been as good as gold! Never snapped at another dog over anything, or even growled unless in play!

Last night i was giving him some schmako strip thingo, and i crumbled it up and gave him some. He was chewing half, when the other half fell on the floor out of his mouth, and my GF's mothers chiwawa furball ran up and tried to take some off of the floor. He kind of made a wierd noise and lunged at her and tried to squash her with his paw. He didnt try and bite her or anything, just told her it was his.

Is there anything i can do to stop him being protective over food? The last thing i want is for him to be older and another dog come near him when he has a bone or something, and him to have a go at them.

He is perfect with humans, but this is the first time i have seen him be like this to another dog, in the past, he has not cared less if another dog comes up and tries to share his bone or treats.

Did he learn this from somewhere? Recently my girlfriend had a dog stay with us that was possesive over food (stayed for 48 hours) could he have learned this from that dog?

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Lisa said:
Simple solution. Don't feed your dog when there is another dog around, you are asking for trouble and quite possibly vet bills.
Sorry, But I must agree. He saw it as his food no one elses. It's in his nature just like any dog.
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