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asdf.0 said:
I'm such a newbie when it comes to buying a dog from a breeder!

Everything I read says 'ONLY buy from a breeder that does health testing, ie: hip x-rays, etc...', but MANY breeders I talk to don't. And they seem like intelligent breeders, wanting only the best for their dogs. So what is the bottom line here? Is it OK to buy from somebody who doesn't health test? Or should I run in the other direction when I hear they don't?
I'd run the other direction. Breeders who don't test thier dogs don't know what kind of health problems they're putting out there. If they TRULY cared about their dogs, they'd have them tested to make sure they weren't passing on anything that could contribute to the health problems associated with the breed. Breeders who don't health test don't really care about the breed, IMO... it's all about the money to them.

As a person who as bought a dog from a BYB, I would not suggest doing it. I will never do it again.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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