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When people say dogs won't mess where they sleep that is just generally speaking. Most won't, but some will. Some dogs are just cleaner than others and there is nothing training wise we can do to change that except for mabye trying to let the dirty dogs out a little more often to help prevent some of the accidents.

Rosco has always been an extremely clean dog. I can only remember him going in his crate twice. The first time it was just pee and it was the second night we had him. I was working afternoon shift and my hubby midnights. I had a big crate but had sectioned off half of it with a rubbermaid container at the back. Hubby went to work and I came home about 2 hours later to find that Rosco had climbed up on top of that rubbermaid container and peed on the lid!!! What a smart puppy! He had to go but didn't want to lay in the mess. The second time he messed in the crate it was poop but it was my fault because I had read somewhere that brewers yeast was good for dog so I gave him some. Well, that surely didn't agree with him!! :-& Those were the only 2 epidosdes in 5 years of having him.

Smooch on the other hand is not so clean. She had pee in the crate when I picked her up at the airport and she continued to mess in her crate on a regular basis until she was a year old or so. Mostly pee but a few times poop. She hasn't done it lately, and gradually it as gotten better and better with her, she is now 18 months old.

Just be patient, things *should* get better.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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