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1. Regarding the poster who asked where you got it. It is a valid question because crate training works using a dog's natural inhibition against soiling his bed. Often if a puppy was raised in a cage where, for instance, he was allowed to soil and the pan underneath was taken away and cleaned, he will have broken his inhibition against soiling the bed.

2. Regarding the poster who said the crate is too big - that too can be a problem. If he has room to make a toilet and room to make a bed he will.

3. If he is being free fed, then schedule his feeding, this will put his tubes on a schedule as well.

4. Regarding the poster who said use a potty word, I concur. Take him out when you know he's got to go - after sleeping, after eating and after playing. Use the potty word and eventually you will have a dog that potties on command. Taking him out to potty when he doesn't need to will frustrate both of you. Separate potty time from play time. Look for his signals he needs to potty - he's making them, you just have to see them. Things like circling and sniffing the ground.

5. IMO paper training a dog who needs to learn to pee outside is a waste of time and confusing for the dog. The idea is to develop the habit of not voiding in the house so start him off outside if that's where you plan for him to go.

6. Most of all - this is why puppies are cute - so you don't kill them.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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