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Here's a couple of Legend I took tonight and my GSD.<~~She didnt want her picture taken. lol. They are not the best will post better ones tomorrow.

In his crate eating.

Tasha eating

Alright mom let me out I'm done!

Okay Okay..I sat for your damn picture now gimme my cookie!

Hey...Just being NOSEy!

Uh oh...Hold on. I think theres more food in my crate.

Yes I have a big ol' head!

Attackin grandmom with kisses and showing her my slight case of the zoomies

Can you see my face?

Okay now you can. So where's my cookie?

Trying to be such a gooooood boy

YEAH! I stole mom's nice comfy spot with the blanket and pillow on the couch!

And she stole it back from me

Well I found a better spot...Right in between grandma and mom

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OrsonDogge said:
85pds! :shock: He's a big boy!
I love the pic of him on the couch with the blanket...very handsome!
Thanks. Yup 85lbs. and still growing! This boy actually expects me to carry him to his crate every night from the couch!(I've done this every night since he was a very young puppy) I only weigh 105lbs. As soon as I say okay Leggie time for bed and I get close to the couch he puts one paw on each one of my shoulders and jumps putting his feet on my hips. By the time I get to the kitchen I'm on the floor scooting on my butt until I get to his crate!!! LOL....The things we do for our dogs! LOL.

Tonight though I made him go in on his own. He looked at me so confused like what? No ride to my bed? lol
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