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Some new pics of Rocket!

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I take lots of pics, but I'm HORRIBLE about retrieving them from the camera...finally got around to it and thought I'd share!

This is my 2 year old (sorry you can't really see her face! Bad photography on my part!) trying to put chapstick on ROcket...he was very willing :lol:

Rocket and his buddy, Sukey:

Rocket being a lap puppy...look at the size of his paws!!

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omg, he is soooooooooo cute! and the chapstick! haha love it :lol:

Can I borrow him for a little while?
awww rocket is adorable!! those are some sweet pictures :D
Nice looking pup. Where did you get rocket from?
what a cutie!
RED said:
Nice looking pup. Where did you get rocket from?
*supposedly* he and his littermates were the result of an accidental breeding. There's no way for me to confirm this, but both parents were on site and they made thier vet and pedigrees readily available to me. The puppies aren't registered/papered as they just wanted to find good homes for them. Rocket was the last one in the bunch...I have a feeling they knew he was deaf (at least suspected it) and so did other people that saw him. I suspected it when we looked at him, but it was hard to get a good idea of how much he could hear when he was excited, etc. His mom was from painter AB lines and his dad was mostly 'Old Southern White" aka "White English" ...he also had some Johnson in his line. I live near Atlanta, and Rocket is from the same area :)

Ok, probably much more than you wanted ot know :wink:

thanks for everyone taking a look at my boy!
soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!! I can't WAIT until i get a new pup, but with my boyfriend getting a job where he is gone for two or three weeks at a time it might not happen too soon now! :(
Champ_and_jas said:
So is he deaf or not? He sure is cute.
He's partially deaf, from what we can tell. He can hear high ptched noises (ie: whistling) but he can't tell where it's coming from. He also seems to be able to hear if I yell at the top of my lungs, but again, he can't tell where it's coming from. Not to mention yelling at the top of my lungs scares the crapola out of my other dog and my kids :)

He's learned the signs for sit and down and we're working on stay. He knows to find me when I thump on the floor. So far, he's doing very well!
He's adorable. He looks so friendly sitting with the kitty.
Aww he's adorable and he's going to be a big boy!
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