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Some of my nieces and nephew

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I have 7 with one on the way so I say 8 but here are the three blood nieces and nephew............These are my brothers kids they are so darn cute it hurts and me....forgive the death look i was getting over being sick



just wanted to brag :oops:
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OMG what angelic little faces! O:)
They are really cute! I have to bring up when I posted pictures of me in this forum I had Rude comments to me saying why post pics of YOU in a dog forum. I dot mind yours in here but because it was * pics of me on my trip * mine were moved *insert rolly eyes*
Thanks ya'll they are my babies
How cute are they.That lil boy and his blond hair, Watch out.......LOL
They are all very cute.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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