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Some pics of my trip to south-western ontario

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To visit the girlfriend and my new soon-to-be hometown :eek:

me n Q catching a snooze after the long drive

Maddie warming up to Stella

Maddie having a snoooze

Maddie and Stella

Stella and Diablo

Stella and Q

Diablo getting ready for the ride home

I've got some good action shots of Q that I'm waiting to get from someone from when I took a pitstop in Toronto. Racked up a good 2400km (1500miles) on the rental van :shock: but it was worth it, until I caught word on the way home of parvo hitting a friend's kennel :cry: :cry: I don't feel at all now like I just took a vacation, was quite the sad / horrible event to have happened :( :cry: RIP to all the lil ones and to the dogs I knew well and are now gone. You will never be forgotten. :cry:
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:-k I can't see any of the photos. :( And sorry to hear about the parvo outbreak. Parvo is an evil little virus. It has hit our local animal control shelter several times in the last year or so. Horrible.
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