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Started a little wieght pulling with Abby

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I've been doing a little wieght training with Ab's on the side of agility. I have a harness and tire i'm teaching her to pull short distances. At first, she wouldn't move, but after I got out some hot dog treats, she was happy to pull. I only do a little bit a day so her muscles (the ones she usually doesn't use) can rest. It's not serious training, just for fun. I know the breed known to be good at it too. Well I would have a picture to go along with this, but...still no computer. Stuck at the library for now. Anyways, when we do get one be expected to see A LOT of new pictures :p
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looking forward tothe pics! I think I would be interested in weight pull with my next bully..... Cant wait to see Abby in action!
Sounds great! :D
Great Work!!! Always have treats, they more they like to pull, the better at it they will be!!! Very great news! keep uo the great work!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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