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stay warm!

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For all of you on the east coast like New York, Philly etc. please stay warm. On the news it looks like you all are in for a large amount of SNOW! Glad to be here in Miami (going to be in the 50's) Keep those lovable pups warm and give hugs for me.
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We only got a bit of snow here in NW PA, but let me tell you it's freezing!
We have a snow storm. Pray I don't have school tomorrow :) My town is one of the worst schools for snow days, we hardly ever have any.
Believe it or not, it's been snowing all day here in GA, too. Not sticking yet, but cold as a mofo. Supposed to have snow showers tonight, which means the whole state will essentially shut down and half of us will have no power tomorrow. I'm praying for a snowday, too, Abby's Mommy! :D
BRRRR... we have snow! But roads are good kids should have school tomorrow :lol:
my aunt on long island has 29 inches so far :shock:
TONS OF SNOW HERE.................

I'm here in PA about 30 minutes outside of philly and we got hit with the storm.We spent all day shoveling.We did our walk our neighbors(they are in there 80's and we always do theres)and we went to my parents and did theres as well.Took the kids out and wore them out and I am beat now........LOL.
I have school.... :doubt: There's just a smelly one hour delay.
I'm in NE Ohio... we got a little, but not as much as I expected. I normally hate the snow, but I'm loving it now. So much better than MUD!
Guys...believe it or not...here in Tampa FLORIDA it has been below freezing at night all weekend. Tonight they said it is spose to be 27-30 for 8 hours!!! That is nuts...its spose to rain too (70%) think it might snow here???????
ambulldogpup said:
I have school.... :doubt: There's just a smelly one hour delay.
Me too. :( Our "snow showers" never happened. And what's worse, I have morning bus duty. Outside! It's 15 degrees out there. Sonuva............ :evil:
We never get any snow here :( . I live in between Augusta, GA and Aiken, SC. The last time it snowed was like 10+ yrs ago.
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