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augrad said:
Awwwww - she's so cute! How old? What breed? C'mon - details!!! :wink: :D
hI She is 9 weeks old.Staffy. i rescued her from a drunkun man whom had just lost his wife he had the mother two (staffy)but he gave this two his sisiter.He sold all the other pups. he wanted to keep stella but she was to much for him He had no money to feed either of the dogs.Stella hadnt been feed for 24hrs she was rather starving.So he asked for £60 for her to good home, He was desperate.Since his wife died he turned to alcohol.Not having anytime for the dogs.and he lived in a high rised flat which wasnt fare on the dogs.Anyway. she fed well. looked after. and most of all loved.By all. shes a babe, Here she is again.
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