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"Stop the Lynching........."--Would love some comm

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Here's what was written by a supposed knowledgable & respected APBT owner who has several dogs with many titles. (it's just a shame that she's full of shit & the biggest hypocrite ever & not respectable in the least, but that's OT :wink: ). Anyways, I found it ironic that she posted this considering, if I remember correctly, she had some Sch. titled dogs. Here was her quote. And also, read the link & I would like to hear from the working folk what they think of this crap.

I found this entire long article interesting and too true. Just yesterday a woman handler in Arkansas was hanging AND shocking her Belgian malinois to get it to release a ball and it attacked her and severely injured her, ripping her throat till her larynx was exposed. Can't say I blame the dog. This crap has to stop!
This was my initial response:
It seems that Schutzhund (utilized by police and military) is synonymous with hanging, helicoptering, slamming and kicking, but it is not only members of the police and military who do these things.
I cannot support ANY person or organization that makes blanket statements like this. I've met up with some wonderful AB people who are highly involved in Schutzhund & Ringsport & it would suffice to say that they are not animal abusers who autmatically hang, slam, & kick their dogs.

To make statements like this is just as absurd. It's the equivalent of saying weightpull is synonymous with people using cattle prods to get their poor unwilling dogs to pull. Of course Shiznit like this happens, but to make a blanket statment & say that everyone, who participates in this event, trains like this is absurd.

And I'm with cheeky......I've read many a posts where someone's 2 dogs got into a fight & they had to choke them off of each other. Seems like they should've just let them go & asked the dogs nicely not to do that anymore. :roll:
Btw, anyone who would like to read the full thread over there & put their 2 cents in, pm me & I will send you the link. I honestly feel some of the "pit bull" people need a wake up call about how working dogs don't hate their lives & aren't abused. :wink:
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it is sensationalized.

I am not an advocate of helocoptering a dog. I have seen it. I have seen some of the best trainers in the world do this. Do I chock my dog so that his front feet are off the ground? Well, I think most people do. If you say no, that is a lie.

It is a question of control and the drive the dog is in. It is also the temperment of the dog. Everything is relative. How do you control a dog in EXTREME DRIVE (fight or prey aggression?) If you do not know, you cannot say this method is bad or good. Does it work? Yes, on some dogs. No on others.

You use the force necessary to control the dog. I prefere to use calm force. Slamming him or hitting the dog is counterproductive and it simply does not make sense to hurt your partner. Being out of control would be even more dangerous. Don't you think?

I am not saying any training method is good or bad. I think you should understand WHY it is done first before you make judgement. Like the E-collar, most people think it is cruel and make quick assumptions on its use. Used correctly it becomes an invaluable tool.

Trust me. Some dogs, you need to control the air. It is better than slamming it or brutalizing it. With a very very alpha male, you probably do not want to slam. He may think it is a REAL fight and chances are, you will loose.

Remember, these are working dogs with very high drives. We are not talking about your average couch potato.
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