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Strange question

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Has anyone ever experienced....

Philo is almost 10 months old and since she was a puppy she has done this. Sometimes she goes to her bed and literally sounds like she is having a tantrum. She sounds like she is seriously frustrated and makes these really odd growling/growning noises. Hard to explain, but it is the strangest thing.

Usually we make her go to her rug at dinner and stay, and she does it then on occasion, but also does it when unprovoked?

She gets plenty of exercise, a 1.5 mile walk/run every day and playing fetch.

Do any of your dogs do this?
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I can't really get a good idea of what she's doing. Can you get a video of it? :D

does it sound like a weird growly whining thing? My pup does the same thing He makes the strangest noises I have ever heard sometiimes I chocked it up to he wants attention and hes very persistant about it. He has gotton better when I ignore it.
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