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Submit your fun in the sun pictures

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This is the 1st themed contest...
Dogs can be all ages
You must have 50 or posts to be entered into the contest, but feel free to post your pictures anyways they are fun to see.
Please list your dog's name as I can not keep up with them all.
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Oh yeay! How fun :D

Is it limit one per member?

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Here's my boyfriend and Bogart enjoying the sun at Lake Calhoun.

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Sean_and_sasha said:
this is one of Sasha stalking some ducks cracks me up :D :D :D
That is funny, looks like she is spying, but afraid to get too close for fear of them seeing her!!! Very cute.

All cute pics, dont compare to my Dix jumping in the pool pic, it was taken too far away, so I wont bother posting it.

But very cute pics everyone!!
These are so good. Love this contest, doing a great job, Angie. These pics just
make me smile and smile. Gotta check out that camera Purplesauerous posted
me about and get into digital photos.
That picture of Jazzy cracks me up! He reminds me of a cartoon character!

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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