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Sully was adopted!

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Sully was adopted on Saturday.
Tomorrow morning I am going to get him and bring him to the vets office to be neutered. The person that adopted him is paying for the surgery to be done, but I said so that I would be sure it was done, I am bringing him in.

The people that adopted him were very excited. They had went to Petsmart before coming over to see him and bought him a ton of stuff. Even though they didn't know for sure whether or not they have been approved to adopt him...
We went to their house on Friday afternoon to do a home check and talked to them for a good while.. They had a pit bull/lab mix that they recently had to have put to sleep due to cancer. He was 11 years old, and they wanted another dog because they said their house seemed so empty without one. They showed me some pictures of him. They even still had his dog bed laying in their living room. They had him since he was 10 weeks old, which is how old Sully is.

Overall, they seem like a very good couple, and I don't think Sully will want for anything in his new home. I miss him, as he was my favorite from the litter, but seeing him in his new home makes me feel a little bit better.

All of these pics have been posted before, but I figure it never hurts to see pics of a cute puppy.

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I hope it all works out! Luv the name 'Sully'... :lol:
AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! What cuties!!

Bitter Sweet, when they find their perfect forever home it's always bitter sweet....
Sounds like you did good!!! Good Luck to Sully!
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