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Sunshine & Bathtime

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Okay, so I know you aren't supposed to wash your pup too often (because of their natural oils) but in the summer, Scout loves to sunbathe, and she gets pretty stinky when she's out there rolling around in the grass. So, my first question is, is it okay to give her a bath around once a week? I read some old posts on baths, and it sounds like I should maybe switch to oatmeal shampoo because it is more gentle. Rigth now we are using some other Hartz shampoo.

My second question is, should I be concerned that my doggie is such a sun-worshipper? We live in Phoenix, and she can come inside whenever she pleases, and of course has plenty of water, but I swear, that dog LOVES laying in the sun, and I just worry about the heat and UV rays.
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Thor said:
don't bother during the week as he will get hot and come out before he burns.
That's sort of what I thought, but I wasn't sure. If we take her for a long walk in the sun or know we will be outside for a period of time, sunscreen makes sense, but I figure that she probably has instincts of when to come in... She is rolling around on her back in the grass as I type this, and has stopped, four feet in the air to appreciate the sun... she cracks me up :)

So, is there a good oatmeal shampoo I should look for? I plan on heading over to the pet store this evening... which means I'll come home with shampoo, treats, toys and who knows what else... heaven forbid to go more than two days without buying *something* for my spoiled pup!
I think the sun makes them extra-stinky... Scout does not get as smelly in the winter... We are also bad about giving her baths, but I might start to try and brush her more and use those puppy-wipe things...
Haha, they have doggie nail polish!! I love it!

I have a feeling Scout would not love it though... but then maybe people we see would stop calling her a boy!
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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