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Supplementing a kibble diet

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I know many people here are concerned about what they feed their dogs and genuinely want them to eat a healthy diet. Many are not ready for raw or don't have the space or time etc to make the switch. Many can't afford the high end kibbles and therefore chose to feed something cheaper. I just thought it would be a good topic to discuss what some of us kibble feeders add to our dogs diet that is economical but also good for them. I don't generally supplement puppies, because I hand feed them, but once they get older I do add a few things to their kibble diet.

I think one of the most economical foods we can feed that is also high in protein, vitamins, minerals etc is EGGS. We get them from a local farmer for about 2 bucks a dozen. My 3 dogs go through about 3 dozen a month. (they each get one egg approx 3X per week). Eggs are a wonderful food source for both dogs and people so I feed them a lot.

I also like to feed canned fish like mackerel, sardines, pink salmon etc but I have noticed the prices of these products have gone up the past few years. I used to buy the mackerel for about a dollar a can but I now see it for close to 2 bucks so I haven't been buying it too much. I look for sales and pick up canned fish when the price is right. This may be something I will have to look for when shopping in the US. Can any of you Americans tell me how much canned fish generally sells for? I am in the US a lot and could easily buy it there to save me money if it is cheaper.

Meat scraps...I never throw away leftover meat. My dogs get all the leftovers along with the skin, fat etc. I also try to save the fat from cooking like from bacon, hamburger, etc. Lard is also a cheap way to add fat to a dogs diet and fat is good for dogs.

Cottage cheese and plain yogurt..again I look for sales and try to buy the varieties with the higher milk fat %.

leftover cooked veggies and over ripe fruit like bananas and apples.

So what do the rest of you supplement a kibble diet with and how much does it cost you? Hopefully we can all get some good ideas from this. I know diet is a hot topic around here!
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I feed Innova Evo kibble. I usually dont supplement anything. When I do I usually just give him a small amount of plain yogurt and from time to time i'll give him a regular cooked egg. I've tired feeding apples, but he wont eat them. He likes baby carrots but will usually just chew them into small bits and not really eat them.

Thanks for the info, i was wondering the same thing about feeding the eggs raw or cooked.
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