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Supplementing a kibble diet

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I know many people here are concerned about what they feed their dogs and genuinely want them to eat a healthy diet. Many are not ready for raw or don't have the space or time etc to make the switch. Many can't afford the high end kibbles and therefore chose to feed something cheaper. I just thought it would be a good topic to discuss what some of us kibble feeders add to our dogs diet that is economical but also good for them. I don't generally supplement puppies, because I hand feed them, but once they get older I do add a few things to their kibble diet.

I think one of the most economical foods we can feed that is also high in protein, vitamins, minerals etc is EGGS. We get them from a local farmer for about 2 bucks a dozen. My 3 dogs go through about 3 dozen a month. (they each get one egg approx 3X per week). Eggs are a wonderful food source for both dogs and people so I feed them a lot.

I also like to feed canned fish like mackerel, sardines, pink salmon etc but I have noticed the prices of these products have gone up the past few years. I used to buy the mackerel for about a dollar a can but I now see it for close to 2 bucks so I haven't been buying it too much. I look for sales and pick up canned fish when the price is right. This may be something I will have to look for when shopping in the US. Can any of you Americans tell me how much canned fish generally sells for? I am in the US a lot and could easily buy it there to save me money if it is cheaper.

Meat scraps...I never throw away leftover meat. My dogs get all the leftovers along with the skin, fat etc. I also try to save the fat from cooking like from bacon, hamburger, etc. Lard is also a cheap way to add fat to a dogs diet and fat is good for dogs.

Cottage cheese and plain yogurt..again I look for sales and try to buy the varieties with the higher milk fat %.

leftover cooked veggies and over ripe fruit like bananas and apples.

So what do the rest of you supplement a kibble diet with and how much does it cost you? Hopefully we can all get some good ideas from this. I know diet is a hot topic around here!
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I actually feed carrots and green beans knowing they don't digest well. Valentine is on a prednisone cycle and her appetite is over the top. Feeding her vegetables makes her think she is eating and doesn't neccessarily add calories.
I buy a high quality food, so I haven't been adding much. I give a fish oil tab once a day because both dogs have had dandruff and the vet said the oil would help keep skin moist and coat shiny. When they get really gassy I give plain yogurt.

I do let then have the healthy leftovers here and there, though. Green beans, chicken, beef etc that the family hasn't eaten by the next day. Usually we don't have leftovers or have very little.

Rita is on her 2nd round of prednisone for her ears. Shes been eating a lot more than normal!
I would say what makes a "high quality fat" is the amount of protein
based in the fat. Some fats, like coconut oil, are useless except to
be put into conditioners for the hair. Bone marrow has a high fat content
and protien content -
Bones contain minerals which are embedded in
protein. They also contain fat. If the bone is from chicken or pork, then
that fat will be very high in the essential fatty acids. Along with the fat are
fat-soluble vitamins. The central parts of most bones contain marrow,
which is a highly nutritious mix of blood forming elements, including iron.
Raw bones also provide natural antioxidant/anti-ageing factors including
(internet info).

I, personally, love chicken fat for dogs. I do not give in large quantities
as it can make for a runny stool, but for dogs who may be a bit constipated,
it could be helpful. When a dog is sick, plain cooked chicken is always
recommended to help bring their system back up. My dogs know that when
they smell chicken in the house, treats are on their way.
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Betty Lou got some cheese curds yesterday... my hubby and I visited the Wollersheim Winery as well as a cheese place (hey...we live in Wisconsin!). We brought Betty along, of course, and had cheese curd snacks in the car. She thought she was in Heaven!
We feed raw eggs w/ shells all the time. At least 5 a week. Dawson also gets pretty much anything meat that is left over on my plate. Hard to justify letting perfectly good meat go in the trash when dummy would be more than happy to have it. I also dont feed him the meat if it has been overly seasoned. RMB's every once in awhile. Fish oil 2000mg every day. Baby carrots he goes nuts for.
Bella gies wild for baby carrots. I cut them up and use them as training treats. She also loves the butt of Italian bread. She hops all over the house with it like she does when she gets a new bone lol.
i have found that giving buddy eggs gives him the worst gas u can imagine and milk gives him shall we say"explosive diarhea"but he loves fresh fruit and most of our leftovers end up mixed into his dry food.
What is it the benefit of feeding the egg shells with the egg? My guess would be to prevent the stool from being too runny but like I said, it's a guess.
I actually never throw away food when cleaning out my fridge, just have a really messy train session. Kane won't get kibble that day. I often use meat leftovers that I know I won't use to stuff his Kong, along with any other leftovers that may fit the bill.
I was just wondering, is there any suppliment that can help a dog regrow hair?
Not that I am aware of, just that a proper diet will improve skin and coat.

Hair naturally grows back quickly if your dog is healthy.
When Mags had mange I gave her fish oil (you can run a search for proper dosage). It doesn't help regrow the hair but it helps the skin and the hair coming back in be healthy and shiny.
I've been doing more and more research about coconut oil. It seems to work better than fish oil for both people and dogs. If you go with coconut oil you want to get the organic cold-pressed stuff.
okay thanks, im going to research also, but the cocounut oil is looking good.
I put coconut oil on my own hair sometimes :) and have a mix juice with acai, it's so so.
i dont know what that is but you sound healthy lol
I don't think it's rocket sciences but I give Zeus what ever left overs I have. If it's not healthy for me he doesn't get it. I will adjust his food intake when feeding "scraps" as he tends to gain weight fast. Ones in a while I will throw an egg in the blender (shell and all) and put it on his kibble. When I move to the country his diet will take a drastic change to raw as I will have access to a farmer's market. Kibble is a dog's cereal, it keeps them kicking but it not a natural diet to them.
My bulldog hardly ever eats. I only need about three cups of food to put in his bowl and it will last him all day (he only eats right before bed). I try to give him more food throughout the day but he would rather chase cats and go on walks. (He loves water more than food too).
My bulldog hardly ever eats. I only need about three cups of food to put in his bowl and it will last him all day (he only eats right before bed). I try to give him more food throughout the day but he would rather chase cats and go on walks. (He loves water more than food too).
How big/old is he 3 cups of a quality diet should be fine. I have never had a dog that "free feeds" I guess I have been blessed with pigs :D
My bulldog hardly ever eats. I only need about three cups of food to put in his bowl and it will last him all day (he only eats right before bed). I try to give him more food throughout the day but he would rather chase cats and go on walks. (He loves water more than food too).
Depending on how old and how big he is 3 cups sounds like plenty of food. My dog now only gets 2 cups a day. He also eats it all in one sitting which is fine by me - I don't like free feeding because it tends to make picky eaters and they aren't on a set bathroom schedule.
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